An early morning thunderstorm interrupted my quiet time. I love listening to the showers! But, oh the thunder! I am a Mommy and when I hear thunder…I wait for it. Wait for it. There it is, “Waaaahhhh!!!!!!!! Moooooommmyyy, I’m scared!!!” And who could blame them. There was one crash this morning that was the loudest BOOM I think I have ever heard in a storm. You know the kind. It feels and sounds like a locomotive just banged into your house!

So, then a whole wonderful little conversation ensued in the little girls’ room where our four youngest share 2 sets of bunkbeds. To try to calm their fears and help them endure future storms the Lord just plopped these words right into my head to give them…


“God sends the thunderstorm to remind us that He is always here when we need Him. He never leaves us. The thunder we hear and feel is just like when life is hard, or when we are scared or just have a really bad day. Now listen to that beautiful rainfall. Ahhh! Doesn’t it make you feel so safe and calm and wonderful resting all cozy and warm under your covers! Well, in the rain showers that follow that booming thunder, God is reminding us that He is right here to comfort us and give us rest whenever we’re afraid or having a hard time. And after the rain isn’t it wonderful how pretty and bright green the grass and trees are and how everything grows!”


Then Livi added, “And the lightning is Jesus’!” (Thank You again, Lord!) To which I added, “Yes, Liv, the lightning is like Jesus. He is our Light! So, you see? Everytime a thunderstorm comes we will think of God. He comforts us and is our peace and rest. And Jesus is the Light!”

Thank You, Lord, for everything! Even the storms!

Walking with Jesus,


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