Why Do Teens Rebel?

“Why Do Teenagers Rebel? Thoughts from a Nineteen Year Old Who Didn’t!” *I appreciated reading this article at Love, Honor and Vacuum! It was so encouraging and convicting for me, the mother of eight daughters currently ages 16, 14, 12, 11, 10, 10, 9, and 7! I need to improve as a Mother, especially in the area of praising my children more than I correct them.

Michelle Duggar says to daily praise our kids 10 times more than we correct. I heard another wise mom once say, “see if you can smile at your child every 5 minutes or so!”. That’s alot, especially times eight! But the point is to pour joy, and genuine encouragement and pure delight into our children! I really want to be my children’s #1 cheerleader!!! I want to smile and laugh much, much, much more! I’m definitely not all “business” or “work-work-work” all the time, but I seriously do need to lighten up.

I think alot about how amazing each of my kids are, but I don’t tell them often enough! I am more prone to worry about my children, making sure I make the most of every opportunity to teach them and train them in the Lord. I think about their futures, and how I want to protect them from sin, and danger and scary things that can keep them from living the blessed life God has planned for them as women.

While I know the Lord certainly commands me to be diligent, I know He also wants me to freely pour out my best from the overflow of love I have for Him and His Word and TRUST in HIM for the results; motivated by love and joy, not worry and fear. I can see that worry and fear and my motherly sense of urgency actually squishes out precious time that I’d rather spend expressing the love, joy and admiration I have for my sweet girls.

Preaching to myself! Rest in the Lord, Mother. Relax. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your sweet gifts!!! Momma, they’re gonna be ok! By grace, they’re gonna be wonderful!

Walking with Jesus,

*Did you click over and read the article? What did you think? Were you encouraged? Convicted? Inspired? Can anyone relate to my struggle? Would you care to share?










8 thoughts on “Why Do Teens Rebel?

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  4. Yes, I read the article and can so relate to your thoughts! I feel like such a grump compared to what I would like to be. And the truth is it doesn’t take much. Joking around with them, a hug, or just a kind word will send them over the top in thinking and saying that I’m the best mom ever! (I wonder how long that will last?) So then why don’t I do it more??? I need to take my own advice – it’s easier to deal with behaviors now than when they are bigger. Building a positive relationship is part of preventing negative issues later. Preaching to myself here… Thanks for sharing!

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