Bones in My Heart, the Book

I could really use your help! I’m currently writing a book about our family life of fostering and adopting, things God has taught us, and the many ways He has been with us.

~What would you like to know?

~What questions do you have?

~What information or testimonies do you think would be interesting or helpful to you and your family?

Thank you for your input! Would you mind sharing this request with other folks that you believe may be encouraged by our story.

Growing in grace,


6 thoughts on “Bones in My Heart, the Book

  1. Stress how God has been in control alway. Include detailed personal stories of the kids as much as you can without causing them to be identified. Make sure the picture is not all warm and fuzzy. Put in the human failures too. Make sure everybody knows these are your kids, regardless of birthing experience. Stress the blessings you have received from having adopted children over and above just taking them because you gave birth. What walls will prospective adoptive parents have to climb? Will they stumble over their own desire to adopt the “perfect” child? How do you “incorporate” the child into your family so that he/she knows without doubt that he/she is as much a part as every other sibling? Is it not a “one size fits all” method? How is adopting different from birthing?

  2. My stepdaughter and her husband are considering adoption and have thought about fostering. They are going into it with fear and trepidation to think they could have a child, fall in love, and then have it taken away and put back into a not so great environment. How does one handle the ups and downs that are associated with fostering and adopting when a child might not accept you at first?

    Have you ever been all set to adopt and it fell through? Friends are going through that very scenario now. How does someone deal with all of that?

    Words of encouragement to new parents considering this way of parenting.

    Those would be my questions.

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