How to Think? Philippians Four: Eight It!


I love Philippians 4:8’s eight things to think about! What a plain, clear list that is simple to comprehend and apply! Not only do we have to be careful what we think about, but we have to realize that this list specifies what we are to feed our minds!

When I was a girl, my sweet Grandma Lindsey always told me, “Garbage in, garbage out.”! Soooo…let’s be careful to only give our time to, set our minds on, watch, have conversations, and read things that are

excellent, and
admirable, and
true, and
holy, and
right/just, and
pure, and
lovely, and

Don’t be silly and say, well, “it is true”. It may be true, but if it’s not all of these things on our Philippians 4:8 list then we are not dwell on it, or fix our minds on it.

I need to make sure that I filter all things through Philippians 4:8. How about movies and tv shows? Would what you watch pass muster? Would what you read or look at or engage in online hold up against the Philippians Thought List of 8? Would your online, texted, or face to face conversations be considered holy, right, lovely, and praiseworthy?

Perhaps your vocation requires you to consume news or information that is unpleasant or even evil. Then I’d say beforehand ask the Lord to strengthen and protect your mind and to bless you with wisdom and discernment as you receive and work with the material you have no other choice but to give some of your time and attention to. Then resume feeding your brain excellent things, admirable, true, holy, lovely, just, pure, and things that are worthy of praise!

Have an excellent week, my friends!

Growing in grace,



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