Jesus, Jesus, Jesus


I think about this throughout the year, especially at Christmastime and Easter. I wonder, do we Christians truly worship Jesus ALONE this time of year? Is HE all we need? Is HE all that matters?

Do we as a family bring honor to Passover, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday with pure, focused hearts? Or are we swayed, preoccupied with our culture’s focus on the sweet, fluffy, & shiny merchandise? Is it all for play? All for fun?

Are we, Christ followers, fully, wholly honoring and joyfully worshipping
Our Redeemer,
The Christ
Bleeding for us all;
and Coming again!?!!!

I don’t want to give Him just a part. I don’t want my Jesus to be the afterthought!

The stuff has NOTHING to do with HIM. If we are honest, does it serve more as a distraction from The One in our hearts? Can the Easter basket, the candy, the colored eggs or looking for the best Easter outfit inspire us more to worship Christ or actually pull our focus away from Him?

How can the junk we traditionally buy adequately reflect what Jesus suffered for us? All He means to us?

I’m not sure it can even if we try in various ways to “Christianize” it. I understand the effort to do that. I’ve done it, too. Buy the chocolate cross instead of the bunny. Insert a Bible verse into a plastic egg. Place more spiritually focused gift items into the basket. Maybe it’s fine. I don’t know.

This Holy week, is it the best way we can lead our children, or ourselves to Christ,
to the garden,
into the upper room,
to Pilate’s hall,
the via dolorosa,
to the Cross,
inside the tomb
the stone rolled away!?!

That! Is! Exciting!

Wow, my heart beat hard within me as I progressed through that list!!! Nothing is more worthy of our attention, our praise, our celebration, our worship!!!!!!

I’m not so sure if our worldly traditions, which are manifested in our behavior, don’t cheapen this precious Holy time? Is it insulting to our Saviour? Does Christ grieve our lack of reverence? I wonder about that. What do you think?

Walking with Jesus
Growing in grace,



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