And You Want More? :-)

Yesterday at church some of our kiddos were part of a mess. As our awesome friends, Josh & Erin & I were getting it cleaned up (the best we could with what we had), Josh kiddingly says, “…and you want more?”.

He was chuckling and I think I told him to shush up or worse, I can’t remember exactly.

But… I wish I would’ve said, “Absolutely we’d love more! It’s not about me or the Dumped-cake-ground-into-the-church-carpet moments. That stuff is just a teensy part of it.

The Big Deal is the joy overflow of being involved in…invited into…God’s Gigantic Glory.”

Because that is truly right where Jeff’s heart, my heart & our girls’ hearts are.

And then my hubby would’ve probably said, “What’s 2 or 3 more when you already have 8?”! 🙂





Disclaimer: I’m sorry about ads that may appear on my blog especially if they are not something we would support or endorse, such as, the lottery. Thank you for understanding. Hmmm, need to seriously think of finally self-hosting.


4 thoughts on “And You Want More? :-)

  1. You need at least three more! Who knows…maybe they would have eaten the cake before it dumped upside down in the carpet 😉

    Love you guys-each and every fun, silly, sweet, charming, adorable one of you!

    • @ least three, huh!?!? Haha! Funny girl. And thank you sweet friend! We love you all so much too! 🙂 I guess our friends/family can only become stronger people for knowing our crazy family. 🙂 You’re all certainly merciful & brave!

  2. You would do wonderful with a dozen !!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been in your home, seen you in action. We’ve had a picnice with yours, mine and more and you are a natural with it all. From homeschooling to teaching them the word of God, you don’t miss a beat. Jeff, you and the girls will flourish with even more little Scott’s, lol. Love you all 🙂

    • Thank you dear friend! You’re not a little biased, are you!?!!! 🙂 Seriously we cherish your God-sent love & support! And the love you lavished on 6 of our blessings during my “bones-in-my-heart/pregnancy” phase of their young lives! :-)…no one else may “get” that confusing phrase but us! Lol! Love you!

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