Still Small Voice


I said this to one of our daughters yesterday,

Worrying about tomorrow
Ruins today.

I was taken back by the words as soon as they left my mouth.

I can’t shake them.

I’m convinced God actually meant them for me, not so much for her.
That is not the first time that has happened.
I say something to my kids,
but it was really meant for my ears
and it hits me immediately after the words leave my mouth.
I catch my breath and the statement, correction or encouragement
burrows deep inside me fresh and new
as if it never before has crossed my mind;
as if it were the first time my ears had ever heard it;
as if it were His voice instead of my own.
So, that thought has been lingering and hanging out with me ever since.

Worrying about tomorrow
Ruins today.

I suppose it will linger until
God sends the next one that
catches my breath
and burrrows deep into my soul.

Walking with Jesus,


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