Remember to Praise and Admire

“Everyone needs a little correction and accountability from time-to-time, but constant “fixing” can tear down a home from the inside-out. If we want to grow a healthy plant, we certainly are not going to prune it down to the root, or drown it with too much water. No, there are times when we must very carefully bind up its tender shoots, and set it on the windowsill so that it can soak up some much needed sun-light, and their are times when we simply sit back to admire it.” ~ Sherry Hayes, Large Family Mothering

This post from Large Family Mothering meant so much to me. I’m in a period of mothering where it seems like all I do is instruct, train, rebuke, correct, point out errors, and repeat myself over and over and over again. I get tired of the sound of my own voice. This post from Sherry Hayes reminded me that this is normal and necessary, but we have to strive for balance.

I like what she said of the plant, “there are times when we simply sit back and admire it.” There are those precious times when I see my children with wonder and amazement and focus on how absolutely wonderful they are! Their good character qualities, and strengths far outweigh any areas where growth and progress is in the works. God reminds me…Psalm 109:27, That they may know that this is Thy hand; that Thou, Lord, hast done it. These moments remind me how marvelous God is. It also furtherr engrains into me the truth that parenting is good work! It is Eternal work! Every effort, every sacrifice is well worth it!

Seeing God in my children fills me with joy! I love to see them helping at home doing their Family Team Chores. I love to see them doing their best in school. I love to see them serving, and working beside a teacher at church, or teaching the little ones’ Sunday School class. I love to see them washing dishes, collecting trash, wiping tables, or sweeping after a church fellowship, or at friend’s or family’s house. I love to see them help their little sister pick out clothes, fix their hair or find a shoe. I love to see them ask someone if they know Jesus. I love to see them read, write, develop their own thoughts on things. I love to see them play their instrument in the school band, write a little song on the piano, sing in our church choir and sing in their school choir. I love to see them laughing, playing and joking with each other and with their friends. I love to see them standing up for good and right. I love to see them defer to others, and practice *J.O.Y…all reminders that the joy of the Lord is our strength! He alone is good.

My human nature struggles, and forgets. My focus can lean heavy on the side of seeing everything that needs corrected. All the good and praiseworthy is easily hidden by a dark cloud of negativity. In training children there is a time to rebuke and correct. There is a time to cheer and to praise. And there is a time to bask in the glory and blessing that comes from much loving care and nurture. I want to be attentive to the good, sweet balance of all three. All three are vital to growing healthy children! God’s way is the only way!

Walking with Jesus,

*J.O.Y. = Jesus first, then Others, then You!

Also, a link you might enjoy…Merry Christmas!
The Central Indiana Homeschool Choir




20121221-162238.jpg I apologize for my picture quality of our girls’ Christmas Concert. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my nice camera at home.


2 thoughts on “Remember to Praise and Admire

  1. This post reminds me of a song a young lady sang at my church recently, I will bring the music to you saturday. The Acorn Song, says every acorn hold the promise of a big oak tree Every caterpillar dreams of the butterfly—-he’ll be. God has promised to complete what He’s begun in me—I’m a work in progress….Stumble by stumble God keeps me humble…..lessons in trusting and learning to obey…growing and changing—life rearranging—I’m a work in progress. Please be patient when I stumble in this world below–show me all the steps to take; help me steadily – to grow. Tho’ I’m rough around the edges, there’s still hope I know — I’m a work in progress. Stumble by stumble God keeps me humble, —- lessons in trusting, learning to obey, growing and changing, — life rearranging—I’m a work in progress, I’m a work in progress—-I’m a work in progress!
    Aunt Cinnie

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