Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida

On a wet and stormy, no-way-are-we-going-to-the-beach, now-what-do-we-do, kind of day while on vacation in Florida this past Summer we visited the Science and Discovery Museum. All of us had alot of fun! Here are a few highlights.

First you meander through a quaint, well done outdoor area with life size features/buildings that transport you back in time to pioneer days. There was a covered wagon, a smokehouse, grist mill, and blacksmith shop. This log cabin was really neat.

Peeking inside made me want to go home and fill up a U-haul truck with stuff and drastically simplify. I love getting rid of things often (ask my kids, they may shriek). I love getting them (the things, NOT the kids, silly!) out of the way. It’s an ongoing chore, but it feels oh so good. Is it a never ending chore for you, too? Purging. Such a wonderful sense of relief!

Inside the science center we could roam freely from one activity, display, or play area to another.

Smiles! Oh! How I love all their big smiles!!! Be still my heart.














This is a “booth” that snaps a shot of your shadow on kind of like a green screen/wall. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture that with my camera. The girls stepped away from the wall to see the shape they had made. It was really cool!

*Did you know when you purchase an annual membership at your local museum they may have an awesome plan where you can show your membership card at many museums all over the world for free admission on all or several of your family members and/or receive discounts in their gift shop?! It is called Reciprocal Benefits. So worth it! What a huge blessing, especially for a family as big as ours. Hoosiers, for information visit this page at the Indiana State Museum website.


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