I’ve Missed You!



While I love writing and blogging and I have really missed it, what I treasure most is being a wife and momma, having fun and making memories with my family and friends, being a homeschool teacher, Sunday School teacher, singer, active member of our church and an advocate and volunteer for foster and adoptive parents! Just like you, my life is very rich and full! I’m so grateful for that. Afterall, without all this living, I’d have nothing to write about.

Fitting everything in “all at once” isn’t always going to work in various seasons of our lives. We have to flex. Adapt. Wait. Watch. Proceed or ponder prayerfully. Let go and redeem the time. And enjoy!

These past few months have required that of me, but I haven’t done a great job of it. You’d think by now I’d be good at it or at least cool with it. But I resisted some of it (as if that’ll help!) and murmured inside over some of the changes.

What are some of the circumstances? Nothing bad thankfully. Just life. My hubby’s work schedule flipped from days to the afternoon/evening shift. It’s not a new thing for us. His work schedule has unexpectedly changed many times over the years. The new schedule is not at all a bad thing. We’re SO blessed that he has a good job and since I am home full time and the children are home for school our family time is whenever Dad is home. It’s just that I was really enjoying the daytime schedule. It worked nicely with homeschooling, my morning devotions and writing time. I enjoyed looking forward to him coming home for suppertime and all of us hanging out in the evening and turning in early. I know, Wah! Well, I am happy to report that I’ve finally stopped grumbling inside about what I didn’t like about it and started enjoying all I love about it! Seriously. I don’t care what time he comes home to me, as long he comes home! It matters not when I get to be with him as long as I get to be with him every second possible! And this schedule has allowed for the kids and I to fit in some neat activities that may have otherwise clashed with our family time. (When I refer to family time I am not implying that when Dad is at work we are not still a family spending time together. I just mean “family time” as in all ten of us together, family time with Dad.) And the Lord is showing me ways to find solitary moments with Him and patiently wait for writing opportunities.

What other changes? I love teaching my own children! But, naturally, each new homeschool year brings changes. There are “new students” entering into new grade levels to plan for, gather curriculum for, lessons to schedule and teach. Did I mention we have a highschooler now! Yikes! It’s a lot of work, especially when we I forget or struggle to relax and let the Lord solve each challenge or issue for us along the way! But, isn’t everything more work when we flounder by ourselves and leave the Lord out? Yeah. Don’t do that. It’s a big waste of time and tears. I’m so happy to report that the Lord got through and now we have a school schedule that is working quite nicely. Ahhhhhh. Now, I’m much quicker at dropping my drama and running to my Jesus when there’s a bump in the road! I actually wore myself out! I’m so silly and forgetful, but He’s so patient and kind…and FULL of answers!

And, hey, this is an exciting change! We recently surrendered ourselves once again to God with the willingness to adopt more children if that is His will for us. We felt impressed to update our homestudy because if He does plan to bless us with another child an updated homestudy is necessary for our family to be ready and available to receive His blessing(s)! Homestudy updates are alot of work…added into already full days. But, it is absolutely a necessary labor of love! So we are forging ahead unto completion. Pray for us?

That’s life, isn’t it? Of course things happen. Of course things are going to change. The Lord is always working. He moves among us. He never slumbers nor does He sleep. I’m so glad! That means I can LIVE, rest and let Him do the work.

I want you to know I miss posting and sharing our world and my heart on my blogs several times every week. I miss “talking with” and connecting with each of you! I still want so much to write these stories that are lurking, flitting and floating around in my mind.

But for now, for this season I’m just going to drop in every chance I get. I wasn’t happy about that. I was sad and, boy, did I murmur. But, I’m better now. I’m satisfied. It is what it is, right? The Lord knows and I just want to follow Him, pure and simple.

I’m glad I got to take a moment to check in today. Thanks for hanging around. Would you like to see some more pictures from our family vacation? I think when I can’t stop by to say a whole lot I’d still like to share our pictures with you! That would be fun stuff, yeah? Ok. It’s a deal. And, please, if EVER you have ANY questions or comments about a picture I post or anything about our goings-on I will always have a moment to send you a reply, answer your comments and emails and, remember, my dear readers, you are always in my prayers!

Love ya!
Walking with Jesus,














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