What in the World is Happening in Scott~Land?


This evening we are just chillin’ out, admiring a gorgeous ocean view. We are each varying shades of toastyness. The brunette Scotts (& our one sweet redhead) have lovely warm brown undertones beneath a layer of brown/red, while others of us, the blondies, are more a mix of red/pink tones with lighter toasty brown undertones. We are on our family vacation to our annual spot that we quite love, Panama City Beach. The elevator at our condo/resort has the most awesome button! B for BEACH! We love that!!!

We’ve been frequenting this same wonderful place on Front Beach Road for many moons. We’ve become quite comfy visiting here with our family and sometimes friends. (Several years ago my parents started joining us to be a big help with the children and a great big help they are! Three cheers for Date Night! Thank you!) The sameness is good for us as “parents of many”, good for our children, good for building onto the family traditions many of our children have not always had in their lives but now can fully, freely enjoy. It’s nice to know what we are walking into when we unload our bags. It’s nice to take the kids out to eat at our favorite restaurants. It’s nice to re-visit the same pier, the same pool, the same beach, the same beach chairs & umbrellas, the same shops, the same grocery store and to look forward to the same wonderful resort activities all year long. We made our first trek straight southward back when Pook was only four years old. (Thanks for joining us that first year, Scott & Lisa, Mikayla, Maddie & our precious little man, Logan!) Wow, ten years ago, really? Practically every summer our family has looked different, except for these past three summers! Praise to the Lord for blessing us with all our 8 precious, long prayed for blessings for whom we have official “For Keeps” documentation! (Yay! Cause saying good-bye to children really, really stinks!)

Ok, back to family vacations…After getting all the necessary travel approvals for each of our foster children, we always loaded up all of our kiddos, no matter who, no matter how many, no matter what special needs and no matter how many diapers, pull-ups, bottles, meds or feeding tubes and jammed our van, or Suburban (or whatever we were driving) with all the baby/toddler/kiddo paraphenalia and food we could stuff into it to make the overnight road trip and week long beach stay as comfy and doable as possible and headed out. We still excitedly leave late at night with the littles dressed for “bed”. While the kiddos sleep the night away, I doze off and on in between providing my honey snacks and conversation as he drives us all through the night and into the next day.

It’s our tradition to stop for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel and then (every single year) before getting back on the road again my clever, smart, genuis husband places our lunch on the engine. What?! Yep, you read it right. Around lunchtime we stop to have a picnic and eat what we call “Engine Chicken”! At home we prep our pre-cooked seasoned chicken breast strips or legs or something else similar by wrapping it securely in aluminum foil and keep it in the cooler until time for heating…on top of the engine. By the time we find a picnic spot our meat is hot and ready to enjoy.

Now, as I write this for you I could kick myself for not having taken any pictures of our wacky adventure! I’m so sorry, but you will just have to take my word for it. I suppose sometime I can ask my hubby to re-create “Engine Chicken” for me so I can take pictures to share with you.

For now here are a few shots of our week. There are, of course, a million more but I’ll spare you the bombardment…at least for tonight! Ha!



Thank you for hanging in here with me! It’s been a busy few months for me preparing for and starting school and all of us adjusting to Dad’s new work schedule. I’m trying to figure out how to fit in writing again as soon as possible.

Yeah, I tortured my sweet family with this shot. They are pretty patient. Too bad the day was a cloudy one. Oh well. I love seeing their stair step heights, their reflections on the wet sand and their cute feet!

Talk to you very soon! Have a very blessed weekend! Love to you!


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