What Does 123,000 Children Look Like?


Lucas Oil Stadium seats 63,000 people.

There are at least 123,000 children in the United States waiting for a forever family.

This statistic changes annually and even monthly. It past years I have seen that number reach as high as 130,000!

As I look at pictures of Lucas Oil Stadium filled with spectators, it takes my breath away when I imagine all those seats filled with children…American children waiting for someone to adopt them.

Then, I do the math. Based on the average yearly statistics that are between 123,000 and 130,000, this stadium, the home of our Indianapolis Colts could be filled to capacity TWICE with these precious, aching children. TWICE!

Please, will you remember to pray for these children tonight? And every night, as one more day

closes for those who wonder if tomorrow will hold any more hope for them than today?

Please, will you ask the Lord if He would even have YOU adopt one child?

One child who is broken hearted or

One who is already going numb.

One child who is angry at everyone.

One child who thinks there must be something wrong with them.

One child who has never known what safety and security feels like and does not know how to trust


One child who has known severe hunger, eating whatever they can find in the trash can.

One child who is most familiar with raging anger, hitting, deafening noise, lonely silence and


One child who does not know the difference between lies and truth…yet.

One child who does not realize that they CAN relax, smile, and play and just be a kid.

One child who has never touched The Bible, gone to church, or sang the joyful songs.

One child who has never heard that Jesus loves them so much that He died for them so they can

know forgiveness,

and know peace,

and know love,

and that one day they can be with Him forever in Heaven.

One child who knows nothing of hope; and can’t imagine anyone simply, wonderfully loving them


And always

And No Matter What.

God bless you as you pray!

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20120712-212024.jpgphoto credit: dreamstime.com


8 thoughts on “What Does 123,000 Children Look Like?

    • Aren’t those statistics startling? I’ve been keeping up with them for many years. I’d love to see (or hear) about more of us adopting children from the United States of America! I know some simply cannot adopt or should not adopt, but I like spreading adoption awareness so maybe some who can, indeed will!

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