Can We Have a Camp Out!!?

We love to cook out in our backyard over an open fire. We used to set out bales of hay in a circle fashion all around the fire pit and pop a squat right there and roast our hot dogs and marshmallows. It was quite comfy. Durable, no. Permanent, not. (I have pics of that somewhere but I’m so sorry that I can’t seem to locate them in digital at the moment.)


So a few years ago my handsome, creative, skilled, hardworking hubby built a permanent stone fire pit complete with a warming platform, wooden benches that seat a small crowd AND a handy-dandy buffet counter! He. Is. So. Cool.

Our “camp-outs” as the kids call them, (even though we do not spend the night out there?), have now progressed to some very tasty delicacies, although we do still enjoy the usual hot dogs, chili and MARSHMALLOWS…I love to roast them briefly, then catch them on fire! Yummo!20120711-153946.jpg



My man can prepare a mean paella! (see above) This is a whole lot like jumbalaya and it is So Good! He’s becoming rather famous for it. He also likes to cook brisket, pork loin and other delicious meats on the open fire. We throw our chili for the dogs into a cast iron skillet. He loves my apple crisp and we also cook that over the fire in a cast iron dutch oven. So much fun, I tell ya’!


Above: Pork loin right on the grate. In the foil? Tater wedges (or, potato wedges) w/butter, garlic, chopped onion, & seasoning.
Below: Look at all that juicy flavor spilling everywhere would ya’? We like our food.


Apple crisp in the dutch oven. See in above pic – with hot coals on top for even baking.

Ooh, and we can’t forget the best treat of all! Homemade vanilla ice cream!!! Oh my! I seriously could eat it ev-er-y. single. day. Although I would become quite extra, extra puffy, so yea, better not.



I love that our girls have such a wonderful Daddy who will go to any lengths to make happy memories for them. He doesn’t see it as a bother. He really loves to make ordinary times into special times! I love that about him!

I pray you are busy making sweet memories with family…with people! People are all we get to take to Heaven with us and people are irreplacable! Invest in each other’s lives! It is so worth it!





All the smiles. All the “diggin’ in” are priceless. 20120711-153055.jpg

Hmmmmmm…Happy times!
Walking with Jesus,


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