So Much to Blog, So Little Time

Please enjoy a few random family photos that do not particularly pertain to this post.

The girls love Daddy!



The girls love Grammy Great!

What does a busy mama blog about when she doesn’t have all the photos taken yet for this or that topic or story or the time to write, edit, edit, edit, edit again and publish posts? All of the things, ok, some of the things, she wants to write about! So here is a quick little tidbit so you know what is swirling around in this head of mine to share here at Bones in my Heart…someday soon, Lord willing and with His help.

– Bible time with children, older and younger
– What is discipline exactly?
– We interrupt this day to train up this child: training & discipling takes time. Lots & lots of time!
– Car rules; Playtime rules; House rules…
– Gutsy parenting: forever and always and no matter what
– Garbage in, garbage out
– Tying heart strings, keeping them tied or tying them again
– Teaching children that it’s not all about them. Showing them how to look outward & notice others!
– Teaching children to “You can be a blessing or a burden” to others
– Secret Service
– Foster family resources
– Adoption

Homemaking, etc:
– Think ahead cooking
– Leftover makeovers
– Making homemade pizzas
– Favorites products, tools, gadgets, & ingredients (ex: finally! the can opener of can openers; I love my pressure cooker; pizza cutter; cast iron; zip storage bags of all sizes, sharpies…)
– Making homemade ice cream on the porch with our new big ol’ electric ice cream maker
– Personal care & personal chores
– Our family team chores
– What to expect from your little ones as a family team member
– Flexible daily routines
– Favorite menus and recipes – Little hints for some of the littlest things: chopping an onion, cutting french toast, saving bananas, throwing out the flat sheet, our drink tray, …
– How we home educate many different grade levels
– Organizing, purging, labeling tips

Well, that’s not ambitious at all, is it?! Ha! Well…little by little. If there is a topic you’d most like to see on the blog please feel free to let me know and it would be my pleasure to move it to the top of the list!

Love you all! Until next time…

Walking with Jesus,

The girls love Poppy!

The girls love Nanny!

The girls love Grammy!

The girls love Pappy!


And the feeling is quite mutual for all!


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