Blogging Break


Good Morning, 🙂

Life has motivated me to stop this week and take a blogging break. I need the space to take extra special care of my family. I should be back next week, or as soon as the Lord tells me to stop in and say hello again! Right now I think that this momma needs approximately a week’s time to rest from writing, and social media life.

I just have to accept that when we come upon a speed bump if we don’t stop and go over it nice and easy, slow and steady, it is going to jar us around, shake us up and possibly even damage our vehicle. We cannot fly over it and expect to safely land on the other side. The road has challenges.

That’s just life. But no matter what comes along this road, challenging me again and again and sometimes working me over as a mommy, I am still overwhelmed with how rich my blessings are! The Lord continually showers us with abundant blessings! As trials come and go, there is always so much more to be thankful for!

We are all together! All of our sweet children are ours forever and always and no matter what. They have always been ours but, as each of those longed for court dates have come and gone, they all have also become legally ours! That always gives adoptive parents extra special peace of mind.

None of us is in the hospital. We are all healthy and well. I’ve spent many long, weary, exhausting hours and many heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, anguishing hours at Riley Hospital for Children. While I am grateful that the good medical care is available, I am equally grateful that I am not pulling into the parking garage taking my ticket, or sitting alone praying in the surgery waiting area, or spending seemingly endless hours at my child’s bedside keeping them as comfortable as a mother can. While I would do it again for any of my chilren without hesitation, I am so thankful our children are well.

So, even though many things in this corrupted, broken world challenge us to the core, tire us beyond words and even hurt us, none of them can defeat us if we just stop and let the Lord see us through..again…and again…and again. He is our help. He will take good care of us.

Have a blessed Spring week!



4 thoughts on “Blogging Break

  1. Melissa, What a blessing it is to see you be able to step aside and obey when you are being called to a time of rest. I am praying for you and know that the Lord has you in His hands.

  2. I love you so much. Having traveled with you most of the journey you describe, my heartbaches for you because many of those times you were alone…that is humanly speaking. I am so thankful that in those times when I failed you and let you down, God was faithful and lifted you up. God bless you my sweet daughter, in all you do, all you are and all you ever hope to be. Love mom.

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