What I’m Reading

Bottom of the morning to ya’! Cause, I’m thinking “top of the morning sounds like late morning. Is it? I don’t really know for sure. Am I easily distracted? Yes. And I got very little sleep last night so I guess for some weird reason that is making me a little goofy, which if this “mood” would stick around (but won’t) it would come in quite handy as I try to cheerfully make it all the way through the day morning when I will be desperately wishing for a nap. The chances of me indulging in that little luxury on a Sunday afternoon are pretty much nill. That means “no chance” just in case that made no sense.

Anyway! I thought it might be fun to share what we are reading. Don’t you just love finding a good book? Me, too! And who wants to waste time or money on a dud? Been there, done that. Since I like to hear about what my friends are reading or have read that has helped them, inspired them or otherwise changed their life I figured that you probably do, as well! I’ll go first, no duh, right?

The Bible– “First things first!”

~Psalms (S.O.A.P. Bible study w/my daughters) * This download available for you soon, Lord willing. Ahem, that is as soon as I can figure out how to get it from my ipad to the blog in some sort of professional manner. Presently, I am clueless. Pray for me. I need it.

~Ephesians (S.O.A.P. Good Morning Girls Bible study w/Bones in My Heart)


~Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy along with a companion devotional journal by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
(going through this in the Sunday School hour Bible study w/Growing in Grace Ladies Class @ my awesome, wonderful church!)

~ebook The Way of the Will by Sonya Schafer @Simply Charlotte Mason

~ebook What Women Fear by Angie Smith

~Cheer Up! Motivating Messages for Each Day of the Year by Nancy Campbell & Michelle Kauenhofen @Above Rubies

As you can see my typical self can’t just stay focused on one thing at a time and one thing only. Good grief. šŸ™‚ Nooooo, I prefer to multi-task and read several selections simultaneously. Well, not literally. Hello, I’m not bionic woman. Does anyone else do that? Or do normal people read only one book or do one Bible study at a time before beginning another? Idk. Feel free to let me know if I am normal or not. It’s ok. I probably won’t be caught off guard by the news. I think I’ve been called abnormal at one time or another, just in case that’s the way you’re leaning.

Actually maybe my current list isn’t that bad, or really I mean to say, full. Maybe some of you girls are juggling even more good reads than I am? It’s possible. What are you all reading?! Share! Recommend! Do tell!

Thank you for checking in! Please have an amazing Sunday!

Walking with Jesus,


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