That’s Life

Last winter on New Years Day 2011, twin fainting goats were born on our farm. Unfortunately their momma would not nurse them, so we had no choice but to bottle feed them. After some quick research our two oldest daughters, Lauren and Carly volunteered to mother them. They made them a comfy bed in a large plastic tote, and made formula. They bottle fed their new baby girls around the clock for several weeks through the winter until we could wean them onto goat feed and into barn and pasture life.

When that time came, frankly they did not appreciate it one little bit! Oh, how they cried when they had their fill of playing outside! It was pitiful…and soooo loud! Of course they loved being in the house so cozy and warm wrapped up in a blanket. It was so crazy. They would snuggle into our arms and fall fast asleep! When they became more agile it was absolutely hilarious to watch them jump and leap around the living room and romp with the children! Boy, did they have the life! But, I for one was very happy when they fully adjusted to normal farm life…outdoors! Enough was enough…ahem…afterall, they’re animals whether they realize it or not!






They are so cute, aren’t they?
Sammy and Suzy are doing well. Over a year later they are a happy and well adjusted pair! They really love all of us and are part of our family. They are such sweet goats! Naturally, they especially love attention from their mamas, Lauren and Carly! 🙂


Now, I’m wondering if some of you suburban and city dwellers think we are a little crazy!:) It’s ok. Sometimes I think we are, too, but it’s awesome! We are so blessed and so thankful to live here with our family!

Walking with Jesus,


5 thoughts on “That’s Life

  1. Oh, so adorable. Reminds me of bottle feeding little calves when I was young. Such awesome experiences for your girls. I wish we lived in a place where I could offer mine this type of experience.

    • Instant Mama, you could keep some small pets. And take field trips to farms, ranches, petting zoo, fairs, the Zoo, etc. I know living it 24/7 is different, but maybe one day! I have even heard of people raising chickens in the city! Don’t know much about how that works, though. Something to google.

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