Quiet Blog Week Notice

Dear friends,

It’s midnight in the middle of the week. I am curled up with my pillow and a blanket in an armchair in the hallway where I can quickly run to help one (or more) of our sick children throughout the night…5 of our 8 girls are afflicted with some sort of stomach bug. They are scattered about either sleeping in the living room or in their own beds (for now), each with a washcloth, a towel under a bucket – just in case they don’t make it, and a sleepy-eyed momma’ outside their bedroom doors praying the Lord will give them rest through what’s left of the night.

I’ve been quiet this week blogging, as Sunday night and all day Monday one of our daughters was sick. Little did I know then it would spread like it has. It is looking as if this will be my last post for this week. I need to nurse my children back to health. So, I am just stopping in to let you know I shall return next week if the Lord wills…gotta go, a little one is up and heading to the bathroom…thank you for your prayers!

Walking with Jesus,


9 thoughts on “Quiet Blog Week Notice

    • Thank you (Barren to Bonkers!):), All 8 children have had it this week and we are praying it stays away for quite a long while! God bless your sweet family! I enjoy your posts! ~Melissa

    • Thank you so much, Tirzah:). It was so nice to have a good night’s sleep last night! We all slept through the night! Yay! Looks like a 24 hr bug, and I am praying it doesn’t afflict anyone else. Praising the Lord, Melissa

    • Oh Christy, thank you:). It didn’t take long to realize it just made no sense to get back into bed when someone was up again sick so often. Through the night, someone was sick about every 20-30 min I would estimate. I was only doing what momma’s do, plead with the Lord to touch them & give them rest and be there when they needed my care. I’m so thankful it seemed to only be a 24 hour bug. Last not we all slept well! Ahhh! Lol! ~Melissa

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