Oh! To Be a Joyful Mother


This pretty much sums it up for our mornings. This is our basic routine anyway. Routines always require a degree of flexibility, but for peace and order we at least need a basic routine for each portion or segment of our day.

So it doesn’t always go smoothly. It is often played out with minor interruptions, and an occasional major one. But, like Michelle Duggar says, at least we have a goal. You may run a tight ship with your daily routine and it works great for you and yours. On our ship, however, I have learned to play to our strengths and not to sweat the small stuff. Ok. Fine. So, I am still in the process of learning this.

My problem is, while we have a basic routine established and I fully expect it to not always seldom go just as planned, I still oftentimes don’t accept it well. I’m working on letting it roll off my back, brush myself off and just keep on rolling…and let Jesus shine for goodness sake. My head accepts the setbacks just fine. It’s my spirit, my mood, my attitude that has a hard time bouncing back. Am I the only one?

I want to remain chipper. I want to keep my smile on. I at least want to put off the grump, the restlessness, and the argh attitude that takes over my spirit and keep calm. I can refocus. I can redirect. I can jump back in physically. But, I have trouble doing it with good cheer, with a light heart.

Maybe it’s because it’s so common for me to get hit hard. What I mean is, all at once I can have 2, 3 or more issues that need resolving, coaching, counseling, or correcting…8 children…All girls…All in a fairly tight age range, as in, nearly 6, 7, 8, 8 3/4, 9, 10, 12, & 14!

In the moment I find that the Lord certainly guides me through and helps me minister to each child. But I’m calling upon Him further to help me recover quickly when an issue(s) has drained me spiritually, emotionally & mentally, so I can steadfastly be a joyful mother of children! 🙂 I think I often must make too much out of these small issues that hit me and not enough of my God Who can defeat any enemy! I think I am forgetting to give Him the opportunity! Woe is me!

I think I will try to take on Susannah Wesley’s remedy. Throughout her day, like all mothers do, she faced many challenges to her spirit. What did she do? She bowed her head with her apron over her face and head and got “alone” with Jesus. I’ve read that her children became so accustomed to it that when they saw that apron on her head they hushed because they knew she was praying.


That’s it. That’s what I have to do. I am so happy that The Lord always has an answer to our every need and it is almost always quite a simple one. I am going to get overwhelmed. I am going to face innumerable challenges throughout each day nurturing and training my children, and managing our home. But there’s this…


Walking with Jesus,


5 thoughts on “Oh! To Be a Joyful Mother

  1. My blog yesterday (www.minnesotamornings.wordpress.com) echoed so much of what you have written. It must be that we are all just hanging on for spring to come in and lighten our moods.

    My prayer is always that I see the demands of family as amazing, grace-filled opportunities to serve God.

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