Happy Sunday Morning


Good morning! I wanted to send a little Sunday morning encouragement your way! Sunday is the best day of the week! I am so thankful to live in a nation where we are still free to worship together publicly. I am so grateful today that I don’t expect armed men to be standing guard at the doors to keep me out of my church. We are so grateful that soldiers aren’t barging into our home to take away our Bibles or arrest us for reading It and praying to the One and only true God.

Oh! How I pray every day that I will not take our freedoms for granted. Oh! How I pray I do not forget how blessed we are to have a Bible in every room, Christian music ringing through the house, private prayers and family prayers reaching Heaven throughout each day, and a church on nearly every corner and around every bend!

Why do we neglect the wonderful disciplines of our faith? We take our freedoms for granted.
“Oh the opportunities will always be there. I can take it or leave it. No matter.” Oh! May the Lord help me to always appreciate the disciplines He has established for me, His child, to help me and to bless me, my family, and future generations! It is a heritage of living by The Holy Bible, prayer, church meetings, witnessing, serving others, and singing God’s praises!

Some Sunday mornings we’re tired, or one of us doesn’t feel 100%, or we are not as prepared as we should be and getting up and ready turns into a Sunday morning scramble, or a child has a meltdown. Does that sound like your house, too? I think if we went to church every time we felt like it or if we felt up to it then we’d seldom ever make it, because our bodies would surely fail us every time. If we are going to go then the only way to get there is that we must decide to go. We determine to faithfully be there, unless we are truly sick or bedridden.


It’s so good to be at God’s House with other precious, yet, imperfect, saved by grace believers like myself! It’s so good to meet together and open up our Bibles in Sunday School class and again in the sanctuary. It’s so good to receive the preaching and the teaching. It’s so good to stand together and sing out the great hymns and sweet choruses of praise to God Who is all worthy, harmonizing and blending our voices. It’s so good to pray together as a congregation, or kneel down beside a friend to call upon the Lord. It’s so good to fellowship, smile, give a warm handshake or a hug, give some encouragement, or share with another, “Oh, yes, I know what you’re going through. God will make a way!”. It is so good!

And there’s nothing better to strengthen your faith and encourage the body of Christ than seeing a sweet soul give their heart to Jesus and then witness them week by week dedicating their whole life to Him more and more, watching The Lord bless them and grow them just as He is doing for you! And, how wonderful that God would let us be a part of such a thing!

I encourage you, I implore you, especially Momma’s reading today…to go ahead and get up, put on something comfortable and nice, set out clothes for your little ones, wake up everyone and let them know it’s time to get ready and go to Sunday School this morning. Make a new friend, hug an old friend, sit back and rest a little while with your Bible on your lap, jot down a few notes and mark a verse that will spur you on this week, bow down at the altar and get all those heavy burdens off of your chest, let someone pray with you, pray with someone who needs it as much as you do or maybe more.

Let’s not miss the showers of blessings God has in store every week at church! It is such a joy to let ourselves be a part of the unity and the fellowship of a body of believers, worshipping God, serving people, and fellowshipping with the saints.

Walking with Jesus,


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