The Wheels on the Van Go Round ‘n’ Round

Now unto Him that is able
to do exceeding abundantly
above all that we ask or think,
according to the power
that worketh in us,
Unto Him be glory
in the church by Christ Jesus
throughout all ages,
world without end.
Ephesians 3:20-21

How do we get around, 2 parents + 8 growing kiddos, the Happy Scott Ten? I’m sure none of you have been anxiously awaiting a post about what our family drives, but I suppose it could be mildly entertaining to someone. I don’t know. But I’m so happy you joined me anyway!

In May 2009 when God permamently added 3 more children to the 5 we already had, my hubby and our nice neighbor, Tim, installed an extra seat in the cargo area of our Suburban. The 8 seater was now a 9 seater. That helped. But, hmm. Do the math. Family of ten. Seating for nine. It was fine for the girls and I, but what about Daddy? Besides that, with everyone so close together and close to my ears…wow, was it loud in there! Yikes. Oh. La.

For quite awhile we prayed for and kept our eyes peeled for an affordable jumbo van. My goodness those things can be pricey! Well, at least the ones that aren’t rusting and knocking their smelly selves down the highway.

“Please Lord, let it be clean, inside and out? Heat & air, please? And…maybe, a cd player? Oh, and please let it run good; get us there and back? Thank You, Lord.”

Even guys at my husband’s work were on the lookout for our mega van!:) How nice is that? What a blessing, because, sure enough one day a buddy at Jeff’s work said, “Hey, I found your van!” It was a couple of hours away at a used car lot. So, we loaded up to go check it out. Of course, we all had to go so we could try it on for size, comfort, and see if Momma could even drive the big thing! (She did fine.)

We arrived and found a sales rep. The friendly fella’ led us over to the potential Scott mobile. When the mess mass of us surrounded him I’m sure he was torn somewhere between bewilderment and hilarity. He led our excited, hopeful family to the big, white van.


This van was perfect for us and then some…
-14 passenger. Check!
-Clean inside and out. (Until 8 kids started treating as an extension of their bedrooms.) Check!
-Heat and air. Check!
-Cd player. Check!
-Runs good. Check!

And…the “then-some”? 🙂
—14 highback cloth captain’s chairs, each with arm rests & shoulder style seatbelts!


Do you realize what this means? Sound. Absorbing. Goodness.
Oh yeah! It hit us almost instantly as we buckled in and the girls were excitedly chattering away.
As if on cue, Hubby and I turned to each other with a look of sheer bliss mixed in with a hefty dose of giddy! 🙂

Do you hear that?! Exactly. Our children’s loud chatter precious voices were “far away”, muffled even, (cue heavenly choir singing “Ha~lle~lu~jah” & “God is So Good”)!

The girls kept themselves entertained…they are so cute…

[Is that window sign hilarious or what?! “Where You Auto B” 🙂 Clever.]

…While Daddy investigated, interrogated and smartly negotiated…

Then the deal was done. (As you can see the girls were very patient.)


We are so blessed! God provided us with a van! He is so good!


Walking with Jesus,


2 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Van Go Round ‘n’ Round

  1. Actually, Melissa, I was totally waiting for this post! Really! I was planning to ask you about how you guys get around. We have an 8 passenger but obviously that isn’t an option for your crew. So thanks for sharing not only to satisfy my curiosity, but also to share once again how good God really is in providing even more than we need. I love these stories. (And I’m totally planning to comment on your Ephesians posts – there’s some great stuff in there but finding time to share it has been challenging lately.)

    • Aw, lol! I’m so glad, instant mama! I’m actually always curious, too, about how other families do alot of things. I think it gives us all great ideas and inspiration. I’m so glad you’re doing the Ephesians study! And I want to thank you for your encouragement and for reading my blog! I really appreciate it! I hope your family is doing well!:)~Melissa

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