Happy Homeschool ~ Copywork Routine


Our Happy Homeschool

For all you parents of preschoolers and schoolagers and the full time homeschoolers among us I would like to periodically post homeschool topics. As a homechool mom I love, love, love to look at pictures and read about how other families are homeschooling!

I am also a little addicted to nosing around to see how all busy families, (ahem, particularly the super-sized ones), are keeping house, doing the laundry, decorating, organizing it all, and manage to keep all their hair and all their marbles! Lol! So, If all you momma’s enjoy it like I do please feel free to be nosey! I’ll try to keep the curtains pulled back and the front door open for you!

~*couldn’t-resist-random photo of a not-so-sheltered, definitely-not-isolated homeschool kid trying to get a look at how the most recent “Scott” chickens were fairing in their new home *please enjoy a few more random photos for your viewing pleasure :)~



~oh my! I just have to ask if anyone noticed my hill-billy darling daughter’s way-too-large-mismatched-‘crocs’?! Typical Scott girl under the age of about 10 or so …Going outside to play, stop on the porch, stick your hind paws into any two shoes from the neatly organized play shoe bucket pile that you can find and run! Their mother tries. The Lord knows I try! ~

Copywork Routine
Daily copywork assignments are a rich part of our homeschool. At least twice a week the children copy *Christian quotes, once a week a *President’s quote, and at least once a week our *poem of the week. The girls memorize one poem a week. Our current poet is Christina Rosetti. At least once a week they also copy the Scripture we are memorizing. Then each week the girls get to choose an excerpt from their assigned reading or a quote from their copywork, a poem or Scripture from the week and present it to the family for Recitation on Friday.


Copywork can be written on looseleaf notebook paper and kept in a binder or folder, in a journal or spiral notebook, or on printable decorative lined paper. In the case of the President’s Quotes and Hymn Prose for Children, etc., space for copying is provided.


Currently, for our copywork time in place of our usual Christian quotes category the girls are copying 2 pages a day from Hymn Prose for Children copybook by Simply Charlotte Mason. The older girls are writing in cursive, while the four youngest use the manuscript version. We will be doing this for several weeks until they complete the book/download and then we will resume our regularly scheduled program.

I really like our copywork routine because my girls are usually not bored or overwhelmed. It provides a rich variety of worthwhile handwriting practice.

Walking with Jesus,

*The Westminster Collection of Christian Quotations compiled by Martin H. Manser
*28 Great Quotes from U.S. Presidents compiled & illustrated by Jennaya Dunlap, Light Home Publications http://www.lighthome.net
*We usually get our poems from a book called Poems for Memorization (Rod & Staff Publishers, 1989)


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