Gentleness Challenge ~ Uh-Oh, Mommy

Re-living the many precious moments I have shared with my children helps me be a gentle mommy. Looking back at sweet times, remembering when they were much smaller and more fragile softens me. Does it do that for you, too? Time with our children goes by way too fast. In my heart there is a war between laughing at the future and mourning the days too soon past. Betwixt between two. Nonethless, memories are a treasure and I am so grateful for the memories I have, like this one…

Lauren, our firstborn gift, has the prettiest light brown wavy hair, sweet bright blue eyes and a smile that fills up all the space in your heart with rich, full joy! Her smile has always made my heart (and her Daddy’s heart) literally gush with happiness!:) When she was a wee preschooler, and an only child, while Daddy went off to work, she and I, we kept each other busy. We did everything together. She was always, everyday, 24/7, a very sweet, easy going, fun loving, happy little girl eager to learn, eager to please me, following me around the house, helping me with chores, holding onto my hand. That was a special time for the two of us that I could never tire of thinking about. As I am writing this morning my mind is whirling with a zillion happy moments we have enjoyed together, mommy and daughter. She is my first. The precious gift that changed my name to Mommy.

When we were a little family of three, Lauren and I did the grocery shopping. As our family grew and I became more tied to home I guess you could say, Jeff took that chore over for us. (Yes, an amazing man.) But, when Lauren and I had the job of picking up the groceries it actually was not so much a chore, but a fun thing to do together. We would stroll through the aisles, look for the best values, check off our list, and then reward ourselves at the end of every trip with a slushie from the Meijer snack shop before heading back home.

One day as we pulled out of our parking spot, I casually stated out loud, “It never fails. If I leave home without touching up my makeup and I look my worst, we will see someone we know!”.

I don’t remember just how much time had passed since I made that declaration, but it was probably somewhere in the neighborhood of a couple weeks later she and I were out for another shopping trip. As I drove into the Meijer parking lot searching for a spot my bright, sweet little girl piped up and said, “uh-oh, Mommy! We’re gonna’ see someone we know!”.

Ahem. 🙂 “Thanks, babygirl.”


Waking with Jesus,

He that delicately
bringeth up his servant
from a child
shall have him become his son
at the length.
Proverbs 29:21

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127:3

He maketh the barren woman to keep house,
and to be a joyful mother of children.
Praise ye the Lord.
Psalm 113:9


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