Introducing Monday Marriage Moments

It’s Monday! Welcome to Marriage Moments!

I only have two credentials for speaking…or writing on marriage.

#1. I have learned and continue to learn, through the Bible, a few things that God tells us about marriage, and about getting along well with another!

#2. I am an ecstatically happy, doting, but very imperfect wife married to a wonderful, loving, yet, only slightly imperfect man since October 1,1988…over 23 years! đŸ™‚

I thought it would be encouraging and helpful to have one day a week dedicated to marriage. It is one of my very favorite topics, because I love my husband so much. We are truly best friends. And, besides that, it is our most important earthly relationship.

Sometimes I think this series will bring us to the nitty-gritty, do-hard-things of loving our husband. Other times I think we will talk about keeping it light and having as much fun with our mate as we possibly can! It is all very, very good and very, very necessary…vital, even.

Please pray for me as I listen to the Lord each week, so exactly what we need from Him can be found here. Thank you so much.


Today I encourage you with this.

Wives, have genuine good will toward your husband every day, all day, in every situation, at all times, under all circumstances, forever and always and no matter what.

She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life. ~Proverbs 31:12

Cutting words,
negligent or spiteful actions,
a glaring or disapproving look,
a prideful, haughty attitude,
a hasty response,
a curt reply,
a cold shoulder, or
keeping things from him..lies

…this is all wickedness that…

blasphemes the very Word of God,
destroys the intimacy and friendship with your husband or
the potential for it,
tears down your marriage,
your family, and
your home, and
robs you both and
your children and
your grandchildren
of divine, supernatural blessings.

Do him good!
Stop before you do, say, think, or feel.
Ask yourself, “Am I doing him good?”
“Is how I am speaking or behaving good for my husband?”
“Does this build him up or tear him down?”
“In this very moment, am I acting out of genuine good will toward him? Or is it all about me?”

I have learned:

…to put my husband first. When I think of my husband before myself, I can always trust God to take good care of me.

Search for hidden treasure:
Take some time to dig into the Word. It’s so good. What a blessing to see what verses you can find on the topics we focused on today. You might want to look up some of the words that are in bold print.

Walking with Jesus,


4 thoughts on “Introducing Monday Marriage Moments

  1. Thank you Melissa. Between gentleness for my children and putting my husband first, this is going to be a great year (if I can pull it off!) : ) Thank you for writing this as a regular feature!

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