Barren Woman

What is it like to feel a baby kick inside? What is it like to have a big, swelling belly and wear maternity clothes? An expecting momma is so adorable, I think! What is labor and delivery like? Oh! how I’d love to nurse my baby! And, maybe even give birth in the privacy and comfort of your own home! These are some of the things a physically barren woman mourns and misses. (Ok, that last one might be exclusively on my own wishlist.)

It is intensely difficult for a woman to be infertile, barren. In I Samuel, It says Hannah was in bitterness of soul, and prayed unto the Lord, and wept sore. Her heart was broken! If you are a dear woman waiting and yearning to become a mother you feel empty. You feel you were created to be a mother, yet you have no little one to hold.

When the Lord made me a Mother for the first time I was thinking about this thing of being barren. Once I became a mommy I no longer felt barren. It occurred to me that I am not barren and never was…at least in my heart! I have always had a Mother’s heart. And so have you! We were born with it. It is true that we can be physically barren because our womb is closed, but our hearts are not barren! Turn it around. Haven’t you known or heard of a woman who was not physically barren, yet she chose to neglect and abandon her very own dear child? Sadly, that woman has a barren heart.

Isn’t it wonderful and comforting to know that just because you have a barren womb it does not mean you have a barren heart! Conception begins in my heart. I have carried my babies safely in my heart long before they were placed into my waiting arms. I have wept and prayed for them before I ever looked upon their sweet faces. My heart overflowed when our eyes finally did meet and I could hold them safely in my arms!

Dear Mothers, no matter how you became a Mother, our children were first born in our hearts. Our hearts, through the grace and goodness of God, give and sustain life!

God bless you!

Walking with Jesus,


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