Burdens or Blessings

I always say to our girls, “Never complain about your blessings”. Can you relate?
“Uhhh, not that restaurant.”
“Ah, I wanted that one.”
“I-I-I-I-I want to go first, she always gets to go first.”
“I can’t put all this stuff away.”
“How come she gets to go and I don’t? I never get to do anything fun.”

Hmmm. The trouble is, I am often just as guilty as my children. If only I could hear myself sometimes. Ouch! I think it would not sound pretty.

The thing is, I prayed long and hard for God to please make me a Mommy, yet, I catch myself complaining about their messes, the noise, the laundry, or the ‘gazillion’ questions…all of it normal-every-day-life-bringing-up-kids kind of stuff.


I want to live for Heaven, I truly do. But, I am prone to get worked up about lesser things…

(Disclaimer: This is by no means a complete list, but a complete list would be hazardous to my spiritual health.)

…a messy room(s),

…lost game pieces,

…missing $$$ocks, (stocking up for 8 girls costs a small fortune!)

…endlessly lost ponytail holders and hairbrushes, (6 out of 8 more often than not have no clue where their brush is even though they put it back right where it goes?)

clean, folded clothes that come down the laundry chute to be washed again because apparently Momma’s not overwhelmed enough as it is. (I know. Right?).


It’s still unacceptable how I so easily forget how very blessed I am. Oh! how I selfishly neglect the fact that the very thing I am whining about or the dear soul who may be the subject of my murmuring is actually a blessing, a provision or gift from my sweet Lord!

*Ahem, did you happen to notice the random clutter on the table? A tennis shoe?! Really? Why?

I say it again…mostly to myself mind you, “Never complain about your blessings!” God has been so good…and always will be! He takes excellent care of us! But, blessings come with responsibility. Responsibility comes with blessings. You may have heard it before or thought this yourself. A sink full of dirty dishes means we have food to eat. Piles of laundry mean we have clothes to wear. Puzzles, games, crayons and books to clean up mean we have fun things to do together. Noise, chatter, and endless questions mean we are blessed with children, family, and companionship.


“Dear Lord, help my children and I to be careful about how we think, and what we say. Help us moment by moment to remember that everything is a gift! Let me, their Momma’, treasure the messes, the challenges, the work, the fervor of endless activity, the happy chaos…and say Thank You for all my many blessings!” We are exceeding, abundantly blessed! Yes, We are.

“Be still my heart! Our daughters are beyond precious, beyond beautiful!”20111229-172838.jpg

Walking with Jesus,


13 thoughts on “Burdens or Blessings

  1. Thanks for some great perspective Melissa. I too, even with two boys, fight the laundry battle, messy toys and endless dirty socks all over the house. Thanks for helping me to see that as a “blessinng”. Love ya!

  2. I was so challenged by your charge, “Never complain about your blessings.” God is really reminding me over and over again to choose thankfulness, rather than complaining. It is a choice that requires divine inspiration. Thanks for posting this.

  3. How sweet of you to visit and leave a comment today. I love the story behind your blog name. How precious to see how God has knit your family together out of His own heart.

    Blessings to you,

  4. First, your girls are gorgeous! Second “…clean, folded clothes that come down the laundry chute to be washed again because apparently Momma’s not overwhelmed enough as it is. (I know. Right?).” I thought that was only me!!! Thanks for making me gain a little perspective.

    • Haha! Suzanne, not that I wish laundry blues on another Mother, but it does somehow feel better knowing we are not alone, doesn’t it!?And thank you so very much! I think they are gorgeous, too! 🙂

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