You think you’ve got nosey neighbors?


Remember me once mentioning how we’ve had chickens in the past who were quite family-friendly, working their way up into the yard, then making themselves at home on the front porch and then…well, hello, there they are on the welcome mat with their nose beak at the front door! We had one that would literally knock peck on the door!

Well, once again we have a few who are becoming more and more comfortable and curious, meandering further from the hen house and closer to the people house! And, I do mean close.


I mean, really. Don’t you nosey hens know you are not people. You are chickens for goodness sake! Noooo, you may not come in, thank you!

Now skit!




Indeed they are nosey, curious things, but they are also quite beautiful…and funny. Am I the only one who thinks chickens are beautiful, funny creatures?

Do you have any funny chicken, pet or farm stories? We’d all love to hear!


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