Marriage Moments


My hubby and I have a little secret Christmas tradition we started several years ago in the heat of foster parenting a large gaggle of very needy gosslings. It has been a sweet added blessing to our marriage at a busy time of year.


Because Christmas morning with children, especially ahem! LOTS of children is loud, crowded, messy, as well as, LOTS of fun, Jeff and I wanted to have a special time set apart for just the two of us…where it is quiet and private so we could intentionally reflect on how much we love each other and appreciate God’s gift of bringing us together. In other words, we wanted and needed to be alone!


Every year on Christmas Eve after we put the kiddos to bed we quietly retreat to the Nest, (Ok, so now you know another secret: We call our master bedroom, The Nest). Christmas Eve late at night in the nest, we dip into our stockings and give special gifts to one another. These gifts are usually romantic and personal. Any “practical” gifts go under the tree and are tagged “from the children”.


Alright, no juicy details…You don’t need to know all of our secrets, but maybe our tradition will inspire you to intentionally set aside time to spend with your spouse at Christmas. Your marriage is a very special gift from God! Appreciate and treasure your gift. Thank God for it and do not ever take it for granted!


Happy Marriage Christmas Moments to you and your sweetie!



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