For Such a Time as This ~ Part 2 ~ Becoming a Foster Family

[Read “For Such a Time as This…part 1” here.]

Esther 4:14b
…and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

So, there we were, Jeff and I, participating in the Saturday “training” classes required to become foster-to-adopt parents. Looking back on it, it is kind of funny that they call it “training”. Really the training classes should be more appropriately named, “Intro to…” or “An Itty-Bitty Foretaste” or “Somewhat of a Preview”. Because nothing can prepare you like living it can. But isn’t that true of many of life’s endeavors? I think new classes should be created in more of a “Boot Camp” format and methodology for foster parent candidates. Oh well, that’s probably a different sort of post for another day.

So, anyway, one day, over fried fish, chicken strips, and hush puppies on our lunch break my husband pipes up and says, “What do you think about being foster parents while waiting to adopt?”


Now, I’m the one with the scrunched up, “Have you gone mad?” face.

I remember answering him with honest fear and trepidation. We sat through our lunch time talking about our previous heartbreaks taking in children, the letting go and saying good-bye. It was agonizing. Could we actually sign up for that? Even though we both knew that God is our Healer, my heart felt so fragile and unable to take any further shattering.

Regardless, the question for us became, “Would we?” and it was apparent that God had been preparing us for this moment. So scary. So full of unknowns. And at the same time, so exciting, anticipating the possibilities of what God would do!

So that’s what we committed to do. Foster children while praying and trusting God would one day bring children for us to adopt.

We finished the trainings which ended with a permanency class for those who wanted to adopt, completed our home study and after a few months of waiting for a phone call, our journey took off into a full throttle mission.

Walking with Jesus,


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