For Such a Time as This ~Part 1~ Becoming a Foster Family

“Hey, babe. What do you think about adopting a foster child?”



“No.”, he adamantly repeats, only this time with his face wrinkled and scrunched with a look that says, “Woman, have you gone mad?”

Hmmm? Man. I really thought God was leading us this direction. By the time I brought it up, ahem, ok, blurted it out, at the dinner table, for weeks or possibly even months, I believed The Lord was burdening my heart to adopt at least one foster child and that He also must be burdening my hubby’s heart. I was definitely disheartened. The Lord’s voice had seemed so strong and clear to me but, for sure, at that moment confidence in my discernment waned.

“Well, that’s my answer”, I thought, “now just move on and forget about it. My husband has spoken. It’s not for us.” After our past experiences who could blame him. We had already twice voluntarily abandoned our own emotional security, and put our preschool daughter’s fragile heart at risk, to parent and love two little ones as our own, the first time for a very painful, scary month and the next for nearly two years, only to just barely survive the intense anguish of being forced to let go. At hearing my husband’s unwavering response, I committed to keep quiet and let go of it entirely. Clearly, The Lord must mean for us to run as fast as we can away from the idea of fostering-to-adopt entirely; as in, exit stage right; get outta Dodge; run, Forest, run!!!

Fast forward several months. Jeff and I jetting south on Hwy 37 to the first of a series of Saturday trainings about an hour from home. I remember sitting in the passengers’ seat in awe of the mission we were on. It was a surreal epiphanous moment for me. We were actually on our way to becoming foster-to-adopt parents. We were doing this. For real.

Esther 4:14b
…and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

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Walking with Jesus,


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