Easy-Peasy Homeschool Blessings

I introduce a new hymn from Center for Church Music Presents Songs and Hymns at the beginning of each week. We listen to that hymn all week. The hymn of the week is posted on the home page and I only need to click the links to see the lesson and print it and the sheet music so we can learn all about the song together and even listen to it and sing along! And…it’s free! Easy~Peasy!

We use this Scripture Memory System offered at Simply Charlotte Mason. At first it seems confusing, or at least it was to me, but I tend to be easily confused, but after reading through the instructions a few times over with my sweet friend, Melody, and with practice I (we) finally got it. It’s a great system for the routine review of the Scripture your family is learning and already knows! And…it’s free, except for purchasing a pack of index cards and a card holder. Easy~Peasy!

I looked for a grammar program that I could teach to all of my readers together, family style, you could call it. This is a style of learning that the Charlotte Mason method promotes. It enables me, Teacher/Mom to keep everyone together for many of our studies! I will write more about how this method of homeschooling has transformed our days another time. I prayed and googled and researched and explored many options and then Praise the Lord I found He led me to Daily Grammar Lessons. You can follow the daily lessons free, but I purchased the e-book very inexpensively and I copy the lessons I need as I need them and for the number of students who will be doing the lesson. The lessons are also short and easy to teach. From my review of the future lessons I believe it will take my children through junior high and into early high school. Easy~Peasy!

I look forward to sharing more of what we use in our homeschool again soon!

Walking with Jesus,


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