Crazy Mornings, We All Have ‘Em

sighhhh! This past Monday morning was a CRAZY morning!

It was one of those get-caught-in-your-nightgown-with-bed-head-cooking-breakfast kind of crazy mornings.

What? You…don’t…have…those kind of mornings? The ones where you get up outta bed, don’t get dressed first, head straight to the kitchen to get cookin’ on a “gourmet” birthday breakfast on a fancy tray for a birthday girl’s traditional breakfast in bed (it’s a highly coveted event around here that you receive once you reach DOUBLE DIGITS!), while at the same time fix a hot breakfast for your seven other kids, while they are inside, outside, scurrying about everywhere, all over the place starting their chores, letting the dogs out, getting their beds made, yada-yada-yada aaaand then a woman you have never, ever seen before is patiently standing at your front door with YOUR HUMONGOUS GREAT PYRENES pasture dog in her custody while you frantically make a run to put on your robe, like that’s gonna give you a more put together look with the bed head and all. Right. But you throw it on anyway and run back to the door. You get the picture…

Hey. By the way, Aren’t pasture dogs supposed to stay in the pasture guarding the herds and flocks? Yes. Typically. But, nope, not ours. Not our free spirited Scott family pasture dog!!! He likes to dwell outside the pasture. At the neighbors’ houses. Down at the corner store. Along the roadside. Yep. Everywhere. But. Not. In. the. pasture. watching over the farm animals…which is his job, by the way. Hmmm. Guess he must have missed that detail in the opening interview. He only heard the “here’s your food bowl” portion of it. And then thought, ok, let’s see where I can tear up some fence and earth and dig my way out of this confinement. It’s a good thing this dog has such a sweet personality!

So, yea, this particular morning a nice woman found him over at the local storefront and took time out of her busy day to sling a make shift leash around his neck and lug the big guy home. Isn’t it funny that she knew where to bring him? Word gets around. Yeah, we’re the crazy family with a bunch of kids doing morning chores in their crazy-ware outfits, who stay home to do school and have Alpacas and other sorts of farm animals who occasionally frequently wander.

Right now it’s Moose (that’s big guy’s name). We’ve had fugitive chickens, goats, puppies, Oh, and in the Praise-the-Lord distant past, the “I’m havin’ a rough time gettin’ used to another new home” child. Hmmm? I think that’s it. I’m sure if I’ve missed something a local resident can make a comment to remind me! Thank you.

We recently had a very crafty goat that no matter what we did to the pasture or fencing she always found a way to get out and wander our busy country road. Ugh! Do you know how embarrassing and annoying it is to have strangers pull up your driveway several times a day to graciously inform you “uh, ma’am your goat is out. I’m scared she’s gonna get hit.” or this. “Ma’am, we found your goat and put her back in the pasture for ya’…like about three times on Sunday while you all must’ve been at church.” Oh wow! Do we ever have nice neighbors or what! We are so blessed! Such good patient folks they are!

What’s so great about that goat story is, one of the same fellas’ that frequently helped us with said goat, asked one day if we’d like to sell her because he would like to buy her!!! Yes!!! Seriously! Sooooo, I said to him (trying with all my might not to burst into exuberant laughter, yoo-hoo’s, yee-haws and cheering) kept myself calm, cool, and collected and answered him with, “well, sir, let me give my husband a call and see if he’d be willing to part with her and what her price would be.” Oh. My. Goodness. Does this fella’ know that at this point I would be willing to pay HIM to take her off our hands and here he is actually proposing to hand ME cash to NOT have to chase her down the road ever again or apologize profusely and thank the numerous good Samaritans that visit our property daily! This is too good to be true!!!!! [Have I ever mentioned that I am not what you’d call a country girl? As a young girl I stayed away from dirt…and sweating as much as possible. I’ve come a long, long way!] Sorry. So, I call my husband. “Why, YES”, hubby said. “Yes, we would be willing to sell her.” And a deal was done.

Ahhhh. Peace on the homestead once again….well until a chicken or two get bored with ten acres and decide to meander up on the front porch and watch us homeschool at the front door. Hah! Hens are nosey gals! We used to have one who would even peck on the glass front door while we were gathered around the table with our schoolbooks. Guess she wanted in.

Walking with Jesus,

Addendum Memorium: The photo above is indeed our front door and the actual rock-star hen featured in this article. Her name is Sarah. Sadly, she is no longer with us. R.I.P.


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