Learning Fun for Everyone

We homeschool several days a week with our wonderful friends, The Harmons, my friend Melody and her beautiful daughter, Madison. She will tell you she is part Scott; part Harmon! She even made up a name for that…Scarmon! Haha!

Last school year we started a wonderful thing with our girls that turned out to be a huge blessing for all of us. We were so impressed with how much we all learned from these projects. So, I thought I would share the idea with you today.

We ask each of those who read rather fluently to choose someone they are interested in; a missionary, a founding father, an inventor, a hero of the faith, etc; read a biography of them, study all they can find about them in books and online; and write a report to present to the family at a designated deadline through an oral presentation. We provide them each with a large foam core poster board to prepare a visual to present along with their report. On their board, we ask them to include things such as a timeline, pictures or drawings of the individual, and anything that is relevant or significant to their character to bring life to their presentation. They also can bring props or handouts for audience participation. Please enjoy some of their work in the photos below! They have done several others. This is just a sampling. We are very proud of our girls!!!

Lauren presenting Harriet Tubman

Madison presenting Clara Barton

Carly presenting Henry Ford

Cara presenting Amy Carmichael

Haley presenting Sacajawea

We’ve been so pleased to see how much the kids learn from sharing with each other while working on their projects. They get excited about the person they are studying and as they share, we all learn so much! Home eduction is such a blessing!

Walking with Jesus,


2 thoughts on “Learning Fun for Everyone

    • Hi Amy, I am really enjoying your blog! Your posts on schooling little ones were wonderful and your little daughter is adorable! 🙂
      You know, we were impressed, too, with the effort our girls put into their projects and frankly, with their first projects we were surprised, pleasantly, of course! The first go around we set out a basket of biographies from our own home library for them to choose from. After that, we have allowed them to choose a person from our home library, or someone they have previously studied, read about, talked about, or are interested in studying and then if we do not have enough resources at home, we jump online to search for books at our library to put on hold to pick up our next time out. They can use the internet, but only as a final resource for finishing touches. I generally help them online with things like, printables for them to use as handouts during their presentations, for pictures of their subject and things relating to them. They use these print outs on their poster boards for visuals. The cool thing about it is when they are all mingling about working on their visual boards, they are talking and sharing with each other about what they have learned! I remember being stunned the first time I witnessed it! It was neat to see them so enthusiastic about what they were learning that they wanted to talk to each other about it! So, naturally, we ALL learn about ALL the heroes and heroines! It’s so neat. Thanks again, Amy!!!

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