Child Sponsorship: Is It the Real Deal?

Right now a group of bloggers are in Ecuador serving the people and meeting the children that are sponsored through Compassion International. I was so moved reading Shaun Groves’ post entitled, “When What We Plant Together Grows”. He tells how Compassion International began back in the 1950’s. I hope you will read it, too!

I also encourage you to watch the videos of the Compassion trips. It is amazing the comforts we take for granted. But it’s more amazing the huge difference a little can make in someone’s life! I especially loved seeing this young girl, 19 years old, named Maan who has been sponsored through Compassion International since she was five years old. See the video of her wonderful testimony. Amazing!

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

A favorite missionary and ministry of our family is Katie Davis! You must get to know her! Pray for this young woman of God, her family, her new home, the people and the ministry. Read her blog and read her book, Kisses From Katie! It will change you!
I implore to visit Amazima Ministries! Subscribe to their e-newsletter. Sponsor a child. Purchase a piece of jewelry.



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