This is Love

Part I:Early this morning reading the latest post from the blog, “Spirit of Adoption”<,
I have been deeply affected by the blessing and power of adoption and the miracle of missions once again. It's remarkable how clicking a link can have such an impact! And I pray you click, as well. I am grateful to have stepped into, (through the internet), the life of young
Katie Davis, a courageous, faithful, obedient, loving-with-abandon, godly woman. I’m in awe, once again, of what God can do! Please read and get to know her and the ministry she founded and runs in Uganda, called Amazima. Please just click. Go. Read. Be blessed. Be changed.

Part II:
I hope you click on the link below this post. It is a special post from Katie’s Daddy. I am so moved by this father who has given his heart to the Lord by giving his precious daughter back to God! We must do the same. God has a plan for each of us, and each of our children.

I am reminded that my girls are God’s girls. As we bring them up to love God with all their hearts, souls and might,(Deuteronomy chapter 6), I must prepare to do the same no matter what. One day it will be time to let go. I have a lump in my throat. It won’t be comfortable to let go. It may feel unnatural. Some of you have already been there. You already know.

I am a Mother. Mothers are made to hang on tight. But I can and will trust God fully. I can let go because He’s never going to. I know that as long He has my children they are as safe as they can be. I’d rather have each of my precious children in His perfect will, surrendered to His loving care, then anywhere else, even if it is the other side of the world. I have two daughters now who love Africa. One of them has been enthralled particularly with Egypt for more than two years and she’s only nine years old! How did that happen? I don’t know anything except…maybe God.
Most of our daughters talk of wanting to foster children and adopt lots of children! Well, that’s not such a surprise, but will we encourage them in everything they dream of? Will we encourage them to press on in seeking God and abandoning all to follow Him anywhere!? We will. With His help, we will.

Walking with Jesus all the way,


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