Life is Sweet

What a beautiful day to play outside! Our kids LOVE to play house together out among the trees, in the driveway, on the porches, everywhere. Today, I was cracking up when Olivia came up to me outside and proclaims, “She’s…[Excuse me, as I interrupt this story to say: I keep telling our daughters to please stop using a pronoun before they give the person’s name as there are quite a few “shes” in our family!]

…anyway, our sweet, dainty Olivia says in her smiley, theatrical voice, “She’s making me live in a tree!

“I have to sleep on a branch!”

“I have to make my pots and food out of mud! I have to wash my clothes in dirt water!!!”

“And, I have to make my own makeup!”

{Livi’s twiggy make-up applicator}

Well, life is sweet! Thanks for sharing with me!

Walking with Jesus,


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