In Our Home


I love that sign, don’t you? It goes along with our family motto, “I love you forever and always and no matter what!”.

Even just while taking a couple of minutes to type this post while the kids eat lunch, I had to put feet to those words. Three times within about 15 minutes I had three children surrounding me, speaking to me or bombarding me with quest…(oh, excuse me for a moment while I stop to correct my 7 year old)
…ok, I’m back. Ok, as I was saying…or bombarding me with questions all at the same time!

These moments occur countless times throughout every day, and even when they are only brief moments, it can seriously test one’s patience. If I am Doing Real then I have to admit our (my) mistakes. Then Do Sorry. Do Grace. Do Love and Do Hugs.

We have others, as well as the one I have given above about our love and commitment to each other. We have found it very helpful in our family to have statements that we can remember and cling to as we train up our children. What’s your motto in your home?

Walking with Jesus…and
Growing in Grace,


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