Pause. And Live.

At the end of our long hallway there is a bit of an alcove? I dont know. An empty space. I’m not sure if it’s because I am the Mother and home manager of a large family or if “it” is just in me, but I have felt a nagging urge to fill this empty hole. You know, make good use of it. Not too long ago a large, tall, not-so-pretty cabinet occupied the space. I moved that to another room thus freeing up this wonderful little space. For weeks I’ve pondered and dreamed about what I could do with that little bit of square footage. Really? Square footage? It’s something like a mere 36″ wide, or less and not even much deeper than that. Maybe it could be transformed into another closet! A large family can always use another closet! I’ve learned to figure out how to use things and spaces as resourcefully as possible and think outside the box. So a closet space could actually work. Put up some shelving and a heavy duty tasteful curtain and wah-lah.
Or should I put a desk there and create a little study area for the kids…or me? Nah.
Ooh. How precious would it be to put in a deep built-in bench (with hinges or shelves for added storage of course), and cover it with some comfy cushions; on each of the three walls surrounding the bench hang some of those expensive awesome book racks that display your books facing out and then install a cool sconce on the wall to flood the new reading nook with light! Oh. I really like this idea! A reading nook for the kids. Hmmm. Right now, at least, my scheme is far too elaborate and just isn’t going to happen but still I was inspired. So, I just used what I had. Simplified. Improvised. Or to put it more plainly. Lets go with…Free.
It was quite simple really. I moved a bookshelf from another room that I felt was no longer being used to its full potential. Set a small lamp on top-that was no longer being used to it’s full potential. I put a cool basket beside it- maybe it can hold those little tiny or oddly shaped books that can get lost on a bookcase. Then I rounded up a couple of pillows to drop on the floor so the kids can situate themselves against the wall and sit and read. There. A reading nook.
I’m so glad I did that because I didn’t have to wait long to reap a sweet little reward that had a big impact. On Saturday morning while I was making the bed, and tidying up our room, just outside our master bedroom door is the little nook. I could hear my little daughter, who is 8 years old on the outside but much, much younger on the inside. She is very much a beginner reader able to sound out some three and four letter words. She was outside in the hall, situated on the pillows, “reading” a little book that must have been one we have about asking God for help to be good for your Mommy and Daddy. Here is what I heard in her tenderloving high-pitched Brenna voice.
“Dear Lord, I’m sorry for yelling at my mom and dad.”
“Please bless me, Lord.”
“Have a great day, Lord.”
“And before I say Amen, bless this day, Lord.”
It was one of those mommy moments that stop you in your busy tracks. One of those so precious it jolts you awake from your slumber, your daydream, your agenda and reminds you to slow down…and live!
“Dear Lord, thank You for hitting the pause button in my brain so I would not miss hearing. listening. to my sweet child reading…to You!”
“And before I say Amen, may You and I have a great day together, Lord.”
“In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Growing in Grace,

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