How I Became RealMom10


My wonderful husband, Jeff, and I married in 1988. For years we prayed that God would bring us children. Finally, in 1997, after nine long years of praying and waiting, our first child was born. We had the awesome privilege and honor of being part of our beautiful daughter’s birth alongside her loving birthparents. It was a dream come true.
As we raised our precious new baby daughter, God brought some opportunities now and then to love and care for children temporarily. Even though each situation was heart wrenching, we could eventually see God was using each heartbreak to prepare us for a journey to adopt more blessings. Thus the winding and sometimes treacherous, tear-stained path to nine more Scott children began.
In 2004 we became foster parents believing with all of our hearts that one day He would bless us again through adoption. One by one, or two by two or even three by three, little children came into our family…and went.
Then in 2006, the Lord opened the door for our now youngest daughter to become ours. She was three months old. We were ecstatic!
We continued to foster children and in 2007 He brought three more daughters to adopt. They were biological siblings, ages 2 (nearly 3), 4, and 5! It was like having triplets, along with a one year old baby and, Lauren, our oldest was 9. Wow! Five little girls from ages one to nine years old. What fullness. So. we. thought.
Two years later the Lord had three more children for us to adopt. They were 5, 7, and 9…ALL GIRLS. EIGHT daughters? That’s just crazy, isn’t it? As my husband put it, “when you have 5 girls, what’s 3 more”. In spite of the intimidating thought of adding three more children, to our already bustling family, we knew they were ours and there was no way we would turn them away.

In 2012 the Lord burdened our hearts to be open to adopting again. We all decided we had more room in our hearts and our lives. Jeff says and we had more room in our van. I especially felt impressed that He had little boys for our family. Sure enough, in May 2014 two sons joined our family!

There are many more stories woven throughout the abbreviated version told here. I plan to share them, eventually.

Growing in Grace,



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