“Are You Her Real Mom?”

Of course I’m her real mom! πŸ™‚ See. Look at me. I’m REAL. Pinch me. Touch me. I am a living, breathing, in-the-flesh, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, through all the joys and each and every sorrow, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Forever-and-Always-and-No-Matter-What, REAL MOM.
Trust me. I could not be any more REAL.”
Have you ever wondered, “is an adoptive Mom actually a fake Mommy? An imposter? Not an authentic Mother? An actress? Is she only pretending to be a Momma!?” No way!
I don’t believe that is what folk truly mean or think when they ask the question, “Are you their real mom?” or make a comment like, “I thought they belonged to you”.
Yet, I wonder why the term “real mom” for the dear Mother who gave birth to a child is so commonly used, thereby insinuating that the dear Mother who received that child is not the real Mom? I lovingly, respectfully call our children’s other Mom, their Birth Mom.
I’d just like everyone to know, I, too, am a REAL MOM…of 8 precious, priceless blessings! My children each came from God through a dear Mother’s womb, into this Mother’s arms! And I am eternally and supremely grateful!

Growing in Grace,

7 thoughts on ““Are You Her Real Mom?”

  1. My dear, sweet Melissa, you are the best Mom these precious young ladies could have. You have given them your heart and you are teaching them to have a love for our wonderful Lord. You know what they say, anyone can be a Mother but it takes someone special to be a Mom. A Mom gives all she has to wishes she had more to give to the little ones God has intrusted her with. More time, love, energy, smiles, hugs and laughs, more of who we are and our thoughts and desires. We want to give them more of our heritage, more of where we came from and where we are going, more education and more opportunities than we had. Often, we fell like we can never give them enough but have given them yourself and that is worth so much more than everything on this list! My children are grown now and I am enjoying “early” Motherhood all over again by watching you. You are doing a great job and I love you so much more than you will ever know.
    -Aunt Deb

  2. Girl,
    you are THE most real mom I know…….I am so glad you are sharing your family’s journey through your blog……
    Miss and love you,
    Christine Diene (aka Chris Dunkin) πŸ˜‰

  3. I am currently writing a book about our adoption journey. In the book, I share a story about how I talked with my daughter about the concept of “real mommies” and how birth mommies (or tummy mommies as we call them) and the mommy who cares for, loves, hugs, kisses, etc. are both REAL mommies. Follow my blog and you will be one of those who gets a sneak preview of the book before it hits the bookshelves. In the meantime, you can read some things I’ve blogged about concerning adoption.

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